Huang HUNG

is an American-Chinese television host, author, blogger, media figure and the publisher of the fashion magazine iLook. A CNN article stated that she had been referred to as "China's answer to Oprah Winfrey and Anna Wintour."


Founder & CEO of Jetavana Entertainment, Chairman of China Broadway Entertainment

One of the most prolific and impactful business women working in global entertainment today

Named as China's most influential business woman of the year in 2013

Topped the list of China’s Top 40 Business Elite under 40 years old in 2014

The Hollywood Reporter wrote “Ivy Zhong has been a step ahead of China’s fast-changing entertainment sector for over a decade” in 2017

After launching her career at Hong Kong’s Phoenix Television, Ms. Ivy Zhong joined Galloping Horse Group, one of China’s most renowned film and television companies in 2003. It was not long before Zhong assumed the position of vice chairman, signing top local talents including John Woo. At Galloping Horse, Zhong has around 20 feature films to her credit. In 2011, she successfully raised funding of 750 million RMB for Galloping, and led the acquisition of Digital Domain, one of Hollywood’s leading visual effects companies, in 2013.

While Zhong still holds a seat on Galloping Horse's board, in 2014 she co-founded China Broadway Entertainment. As one of China’s most prominent theatrical production, management, touring and licensing companies, CBE brings both classic Broadway musicals and brand-new theatrical work to Chinese audience. Alongside acclaimed Chinese artists, CBE engages the talents of some America’s leading, award-winning directors, writers and designers, fostering an international talent pool reflecting the best of Broadway and immersive theatre in China.   Ms. Zhong obtained her Executive MBA degree from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. She earned both of her master degrees from the UK, majoring in marketing management and risk management.


is the founder and artistic director of Dragone Entertainment. 

His earliest theatrical work in Belgium expressed social situations, casting the non-actors who shared their stories to perform in the shows. In the 1980s, Dragone came to Montreal, where the National Circus School invited him to conduct workshops. 

From the 1985 to 1998, Dragone would direct all of Cirque du Soleil's most prestigious shows. Around the world, more than 40 million people have now seen Dragone’s creations.

In 1999, he formed his own company and created a new live show starring Céline Dion, thus continuing his association with Las Vegas.

In 2005, Dragone debuted his fourth production on the Las Vegas strip: Le Rêve.

Franco he was then in charge of the opening ceremony show for the 2010 South American Games.

In 2010, Dragone directed the Macau show The House of the Dancing Water, the world’s largest permanent water-based show. 

In 2013, he created and directed Story of a Fort, Legacy of a Nation, a show that was the centrepiece event of the Qasr Al Hosn festival in Abu Dhabi.

In 2014, Dragone opened The Han Show in Wuhan, China, in a 60 meters high, 100 meters diameter, 2000 seats theater built for that show.

In 2015, Dragone created a new show for The Lido titled Paris Merveilles.

In 2016, Dragone directed Russian pop icon Philipp Kirkorov's new show called "I" ("Я") which premiered in the Kremlin Palace.

Jacques-André DUPONT

CEO of L'EQUIPE SPECTRA, producer of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Les FrancoFolies de Montréal, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE and a board member of Tourisme Montréal.

Considered by many to be a global authority in marketing, sponsorship and the development of large-scale cultural projects.

In 2017 he launched an all-female safety team dedicated to maintaining the security and well-being of festival fans and vulnerable people. He is also responsible for the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal carbon neutral project, an international first at the time.

He studied communications at Université Laval and Concordia University, and joined L'Équipe Spectra in 1988 as director of publicity. In 1992, he became a stockholder in the company and was named associate vice-president, Marketing and business development, a position he held until the enterprise was sold to Groupe CH in 2013. He became CEO of L’Équipe Spectra and its festivals in 2015.


Steve E. LEBER

began his career at the William Morris Agency, establishing the agency’s music division and handling such major artists as the Rolling Stones, Simon and Gar­funkel, Diana Ross, the Jackson Five. After 10 years with the Morris Agency, he left to form Contemporary Communications Corporation (CCC). He managed Aerosmith, AC/DC, Michael Bolton, Cameo, Def Leppard, Ted Nugent, Scorpi­ons, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Moscow Circus, Beatlemania and the Concert for Bangladesh. The Moscow Circus, which broke box office records at venues across the United States, was named Family Show of the Year by Performance Magazine an unprecedented three years in a row. A series of ice skating championships in Madison Square Garden, which were featured on ABC’s Wide World of Sports for five years, added television production credits to Mr. Leber’s impressive roster of success. Leber is currently producing the Musical of the Life Story of Andy Warhol for Broadway, Rockin the Planet, The Mini Series of Quincy Jones life story for Disney and the Robert Stig­wood Life Story.



is the founder and director of Orbis Media (PR and communication agency) and the General Delegate of Cabourg Romantic Film Festival since its creation.

She has more than 25 years’ experience in communication and cinema. As one of the most influential talent managers, she has accompanied many French talents as Sophie Marceau, Juliette Binoche, Catherine Deneuve, etc. to different commercial and cultural events in different countries: USA, Canada, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, England, German, India etc. Moreover, she has linked numerous brand endorsements to world's celebrities. She does also consulting for the brands in terms of cinema strategy and proposes tailored projects. 

Suzel Pietri began her career as press officer in two important French TV channels TF1 and France 3 at the end of 70’s. Later she worked in the Communication department for different agencies. After over 10 years’ experience, she founded her own company Orbis Media in 1993. Since then, she has been shuttling from one film festival to another with celebrities, which allows her to gain a considerable contact list in cinema and unique point of view in talent management and film strategy. She created DirActors Film Festival in Luxembourg (2007-2010) and De l’Encre à L’Écran Festival in Tours (2002-2005).

Besides, she is one of the few talent managers who know well about the Chinese movie market and entertainment industry. Over the past years, Orbis Media has collaborated with famous Chinese stars like Zhang Ziyi, Fan Bingbing, Zhou Yun, etc. 


Jesse is a lawyer with the Yingke Law Firm – China’s largest domestically owned firm. While working at the firm headquarters in Beijing from 2012 to 2016, his main practice areas were general corporate, foreign direct investment, and mergers and acquisitions. He brokered and helped structure countless international joint ventures and strategic partnerships, including the slate financing deal valued at $1.5billion between Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co. Ltd and Lionsgate, and the purchase by a Chinese company of the xXx franchise with Vin Diesel.

Jesse also represents clients in the entertainment sphere, having represented financial institutions, mezzanine investors, production companies and equity providers in motion picture, television, digital financing and co-financing, and other corporate transactions. He’s previously represented Zhang Yimou, Jiang Wen, and Ning Hao’s production company Dirty Monkey (for the director’s latest film “Crazy Alien”), and presently represent Thai-China actor/singer star Mike Angelo.

He’s also advised borrowers, distributors, content creators, high-net-worth individuals, funds and others involved in various aspects of the production, financing and distribution of film, television and digital content.

Jesse also serves as board chairman of Moregain Pictures, Inc., a publicly-traded blockchain company which develops, produces, and distributes cutting-edge content for television and film worldwide.